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It is important to remember that there is hair underneath the braids or rows. The same way that hair was moisturized when loose, it must be moisturized while tied in braids or rows. In fact it needs more moisture as the braids on the hair absorb moisture from the hair. Use VIXXEN Braid Aid Spray liberally daily. As a liquid, it penetrates the Braids and gets to the hair and the roots. This is also a good time to keep your scalp happy with Vixxen Scalp and Hair Treatments.                            To learn more:   SELEECT:

VIXXEN Braid Aid has two dynamic variants based on the most important oils for scalp and hair, Peppermint and Coconut.

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Hair and Scalp during a Protective Style
VIXXEN Braid Sprays are formulated not only with oils, they also contain exclusive conditioners and Keratin strengtheners, for Protein balance, this allows the hair to grow and stay healthy through the duration of the Braid, Weave or Row.

Maintenance and cleansing - During the duration of the protective style, there will be build up of dead cells sweat and general grime, these build -ups can clog the pores, and stop the follicle from being nourished, be very damaging, hair becoming weak and brittle

Shampoo at least every two weeks - A clean scalp lets hair stay healthy over the duration of the protective style. Use the VIXXEN
Cleansing or Conditioning Shampoo at least once every two weeks. Be gentle, wash from scalp to end of the Braids and rinse well.

Duration of Braids Weaves and Rows - Braids wont always look the same as on day one, they will not be as neat, have frizz around the edges and lack shine. The new way to seal, lock into place, create volume, prevent fly away and frizz, is to apply a Foam Mousse. 




Advantages of VIXXEN Braid Sprays

  • Peppermint or Coconut oil nourish the Hair and Scalp.

  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp under the braids

  • Keratin and conditioners strengthen and soften the hair

  • Prevents breakage and maintains the life of the hair

  • Smooths braids and helps eliminate frizz

  • Antibacterial action of the oils cleans and keeps the scalp healthy

  • Cools and soothes the scalp and allows hair to grow.

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