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Scalp and hair treatments

                      Peppermint Stimulus

                        Coconut Comfort

Two of the best  Hair food and  Scalp Treatments with genuine high quality natural oils, to stimulate and heal  irritation of over dry or oily and itchy scalp. Healthy hair is determined by a healthy scalp therefore to have strong healthy hair, start with the scalp. It is inside  where the hair follicles grow that needs to be cleaned and energized. Both products balance the PH of the scalp, stimulate the production of Keratin and promote strong hair growth. 

       Massage these products into the scalp, with circular movements of your fingertips. This                 increases blood circulation to the hair follicle bulb this will dramatically aid hair growth.

                                      To see the benefits of these two oils select


Peppermint Stimulus

Clinical results have shown that genuine Peppermint oil, extracted from peppermint leaves, was more effective than minoxidil in promoting hair growth. It stimulates the growing hair due to manipulation of the blood vessels and increase of blood flow, this increases follicle depth and scalp thickness adding strength, promoting growth and preventing hair loss.

                                                              BENEFITS of VIXXEN  -  Peppermint Stimulus

  • Promotes Hair Growth - By stimulating the blood vessels and follicles

  • Rich in nutrients - Peppermint Oil is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A and C, omega 3, manganese and magnesium, which promotes overall healthy hair.

  • Contains antiseptic properties - That get rid of dandruff and return a damaged, irritated scalp to it's right PH and healthy state.

  • Reduces Inflammation - Provides a cooling sensation, with anti-bacterial properties that destroy bacteria in the hair and scalp. Hair stays healthy.




 Coconut Comfort


Pure Coconut oil contains antioxidants, vitamins E, K and iron minerals that drives hair growth. It gets deep into the hair follicles and although applied to the scalp, it naturally flows to the hair and acts as a deep conditioner, preventing frizz and split ends. It has linoleic acid that keeps hair hydrated and maintains it's elasticity. It also contains oleic acid that thickens and strengthens hair in a natural way

                                                                        BENEFITS of VIXXEN Coconut Comfort

  • It has a high content of antioxidants which protect the hair and improve softness and shine

  • It has excellent antibacterial properties that eliminate dandruff and itchiness.

  • Contains antifungal, antiviral properties that improve hair cuticle and scalp health

  • Rich inessential fatty acids including lauric acid and capric acid that repair damaged hair and prevents hair breakage and split ends, protects the roots and aids hair growth

  • Contains linoleic acid that have moisturizing properties

  • With vitamins E and K and iron essential for the growth of hair

  • When massaged into the scalp effectively improves blood circulation, increases nutrients and oxygen supply to grow hair

  • It protects, moisturizes and cleans the scalp, promotes hair growth and prevents bacteria build-up

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