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Celebrate your Natural Hair

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For many years people with natural curls have battled with their hair.  It tends to be dryer, courser, and more difficult to manage.  Some days just combing it can be a challenge.

Up to now options have been limited to relaxers which not only can damage the hair creating even more dryness but in some instances actually burns the scalp – OR wearing a wig & braids; braiding hair; dreadlocks; shaving or just enjoying your natural curls!

Giving everyone an option to CHOOSE how they want to wear their hair and being able to change the look every day without having to endure hours in a hairdresser chair led to the development of the Vixxen Hair Care Range.

Formulated and developed by a scientist with over 35 years in the Hairdressing industry this is a revolutionary way to tame hair.  Using the limited but intense range of products hairdressers can create a myriad of different styles for their clients. 

Straight, spiral curls; blowouts; natural but manageable curls are all achievable.  Once the process is completed your clients can wash and style their hair every day, or as often as they like – OR come back to you to create new looks each week.

Like any permanent process, hair will gradually grow out – only the growth needs to be touched up after 6 to 9 weeks depending on the rate of growth.

The whole range is SALON ONLY – which means for a change hairdressers have a chance to make money!  While working on your client’s hair and showing them different looks they can achieve with VIXXEN hair – they can encourage their clients to purchase the after-care range. 


All heat inducing appliances like hot tongs, blow dryers, spiral curlers cause damage to any hair.  Using our X-Treme Heat protector actually ADD strength, shine, and moisture. 


The moisturiser is also jam-packed with nutrients to feed and nourish hair – use daily, weekly, or as required. 

Contact your nearest Vixxen Distributor to place your order!

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