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Versatile Mousse Foam


A super versatile foam that gives hold and definition to strands, as well as protecting and taming weaves and hair and giving unruly curls control. Keeps frizz in check and makes curls bouncier.

VIXXEN Mousse is one of the best styling products, it has a lighter consistency than gels and has a bouncier quality than sprays. It gives hair twice as much volume and gives definition without crunch

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VIXXEN MOUSSE FOAM - For all hair styles

A little goes a long way, use fingers to to brush through and distribute evenly, before it sets, from there style as desired - whether it's Braiding, Twisting, Twirling or just blow drying for more volume. The possibilities are endless.

  • BRAIDED HAIR - VIXXEN MOUSSE - Prevents and controls frizz. Keeps Braids shiny and sleek and does not create build-up on the hair.

  • NATURAL HAIR - It defines natural curls and brings out waves when using a curling iron. It brings out texture.

  • DAMAGED HAIR - Give heat styling a break, apply VIXXEN MOUSSE to damp hair and let it dry to seal and control the ends.

  • STRAIGHT HAIR - VIXXEN MOUSSE adds body and movement, structure and texture, Apply to ends and curl with a brush, allow to set, to prevent spiky untidy ends.

  • THICK OR COARSE NATURAL HAIR - Instead of gelling or spraying with heavy styling products, use a dollop of VIXXEN MOUSSE to condition and hold without getting oily or heavy.


  1. Seals and sets hair after braiding

  2. Eliminates frizz

  3. Neat looking and smoother Braids and Natural Styles

  4. Longer lasting Braids, Cornrows and Styles

  5. Refresh old Braids without the need to re-Braid

  6. Provides hold and sets the hair in place

  7. Adds shine to the hair

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