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VIXXEN  Detangling  Spray represents great value. It reduces the tension between the hair when detangling, it is also a quick fix when you do not have time. VIXXEN  Detangling Spray contains conditioners and moisturizers to minimize the friction and to soften hair so that detangling becomes easy. Leaving a smooth surface on the hair which imparts gloss and shine

          The Benefits of Detangling

                There are several reasons why properly detangled hair is beneficial:

  • Prevents breakage.

  • Ease of combing.

  • Moisturizers are evenly distributed.

  • Every section of hair gets the moisture it needs.

  • When taking out Braids VIXXEN Detangler eases the process and stress on hair strands.

  • Hair looks good, smooth and shiny.

            Regularly detangling keeps hair healthier and also gives frizz-free definition

                                 Taking Down Braids and Rows

Use VIXXEN  Detangler during the process and do a thorough detangling immediatly after. 

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